Vol. 3 (2019): Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship

Researchers, universities, and funding agencies are becoming increasingly cognizant of the significance of open scholarship and are focusing on how to embrace and enact social contexts, roles, and activities. As academia continues on its trajectory towards more open and more social practices—including active collaboration, community building, and knowledge mobilization—opportunities arise to create knowledge across traditional disciplinary and institutional boundaries, as well as with members of the broader public. This potential for fostering dynamic linkages, diverse communities, and public interaction is a call to action and implementation. On January 10-11 2018 the Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE; inke.ca) Partnership held Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship, a gathering that brought ~60 researchers, students, librarians, and academic-aligned groups together on the topics of scholarly communication, open access, and community engagement. This special issue is a snapshot of the event proceedings, organized around open social scholarship theory, infrastructure, and projects. Wide-ranging in content, the authors included here all come together under the banner of imagining more social, community-minded applications for academic work.
Guest Editors: Alyssa Arbuckle, Luis Meneses, and Raymond G. Siemens

Collection launched: 19 Feb 2019


Introduction, Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship

Authors: Alyssa Arbuckle , Luis Meneses, Ray Siemens


Open Social Scholarship Annotated Bibliography

Authors: Randa El Khatib, Lindsey Seatter , Tracey El Hajj, Conrad Leibel, Alyssa Arbuckle, Ray Siemens, Caroline Winter, the ETCL and INKE Research Groups

Creating a Playable Academic Edition of Mourning Dove’s Cogewea or How Games can Decolonize

Author: Sara Humphreys

Networking Social Scholarship…Again

Author: Shawn Martin

Spreadable Jams: Implementing Social Scholarship through Remodeled Game Jam Paradigms

Author: Jon Saklofske

Towards Open Annotation: Examples and Experiments

Author: Lindsey Seatter

Open Social Knowledge Creation and Library and Archival Metadata

Authors: Dean Seeman, Heather Dean

Joining Voices: University – Industry Partnerships in the Humanities

Authors: Lynne Siemens , The INKE Research Group

Digital Storytelling and Open, Networked Social Scholarship: A Narrative

Author: John F. Barber

Open+: Versioning Open Social Scholarship

Author: Alyssa Arbuckle

Aligning Social Media Indicators with the Documents in an Open Access Repository

Authors: Luis Meneses , Alyssa Arbuckle, Hector Lopez, Belaid Moa, Richard Furuta, Ray Siemens

The Seventies Sociality: Activist Publishers and the Digital Commonplacing of New Knowledge

Authors: Constance Crompton , Caitlin Voth, Ruth Truong

Crowdsourcing Downunder

Authors: Rachel Hendery , Jason Gibson


Laying the Foundation for Community-Driven, Open Cultural Gazetteers

Authors: Randa El Khatib


The Initial Impact of the Open Scholarship Policy Observatory

Authors: Sarah Milligan , Kimberly Silk, Alyssa Arbuckle, Ray Siemens


Living Labs and the DH Centre: Lessons for Each from the Other

Authors: Priscilla Ferronato, Lisa Mercer, Jennifer Roberts-Smith, Stan Ruecker