Vol. 2 (2018): Endangered Knowledge

This special issue of KULA on the subject of ‘endangered knowledge’ comprises 22 essays by 34 authors working across a wide array of disciplines and fields. Guest editors Samantha MacFarlane, Rachel Mattson, and Bethany Nowviskie have assembled a collection of scholarly articles, pedagogical reflections, and project reports that take up theoretical and practical considerations of archival salvage and erasure, the persistence of the public record, indigenous knowledge, and the politics of loss. The special issue explores endangerment as a critical category of analysis for records, data, collections, languages, ecosystems, and networks.
Guest Editors: Samantha MacFarlane, Rachel Mattson, and Bethany Nowviskie

Collection launched: 29 Nov 2018


Introduction: Compiling ‘Endangered Knowledge’

Authors: Samantha MacFarlane , Rachel Mattson, Bethany Nowviskie


Regulation Requires Records: Access to Fracking Information in the Marcellus/Utica Shale Formations

Author: Eira Tansey

The Terezita Romo Papers: Capturing the Spirit of Collective Action in Archives

Author: Moriah Ulinskas

This [Black] Woman’s Work: Exploring Archival Projects that Embrace the Identity of the Memory Worker

Authors: Chaitra Powell, Holly Smith , Shanee' Murrain, Skyla Hearn

‘Print is Much Safer than MS’: The Fate of Folklore and Folk Song Collections in the Isle of Man

Author: Stephen Miller

Documenting State Violence: (Symbolic) Annihilation & Archives of Survival

Author: Gabriel Daniel Solis

Analog Video in Moving Image Archives & Conservation: Infrastructures of Knowledge from Production to Preservation

Author: Lauren Sorensen

The Paradox of Police Data

Author: Stacy Wood

Preservation is Political: Enacting Contributive Justice and Decolonizing Transnational Archival Collaborations

Author: T-Kay Sangwand



Authors: Rachel Bickel , Sarah Dupont

Digitally Endangered Species: The BitList

Authors: Sarah Middleton, William Kilbride

Mobile Archivists: Outreach on the Go!

Authors: Catherine Hannula, Jennifer Barth

Digital Reformatting and Data Rescue with RADD and the PROUD and PRAVDA Kits

Authors: Dorothea Salo, Jesse Hocking

Community Archiving Independent Media

Author: Mona Jimenez

The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse: Origins and Goals

Author: Margo Schlanger

The Biodiversity Heritage Library: Empowering Discovery through Free Access to Biodiversity Knowledge

Authors: Martin R. Kalfatovic, Grace Costantino

The Digital Library of the Middle East and Implementing International Cultural Heritage Preservation Policy

Author: Peter Herdrich

Endings: Concluding, Archiving, and Preserving Digital Projects for Long-Term Usability

Author: Claire Carlin

The Dark Mountain Project

Author: Dougald Hine


Re-energizing VHS Collections, Expanding Knowledge: A Conversation about VHS Archives

Authors: Alexandra Juhasz , Jennifer McCoy

The Typewriter Under the Bed: Introducing Digital Humanities through Banned Books and Endangered Knowledge

Authors: Alexandra Bolintineanu, Jaya Thirugnanasampanthan

Teaching Data Literacy for Civic Engagement: Resources for Data Capture and Organization

Authors: Brandon T. Locke , Jason A. Heppler

Engaging the Public with and Preserving the History of Texas’s First Public Historically Black University

Authors: Marco Robinson , Phyllis Earles