Vol. 5, No. 1 (2021): Indigenous Knowledges

“Indigenous Knowledges” is a special issue of KULA: Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies guest edited by Robert L. A. Hancock, Ry Moran, Carey Newman, Shelagh Rogers, and Andrea Walsh. The cross-disciplinary issue features sixteen pieces from over fifty contributors, whose contributions on many different subjects and in diverse formats—project reports, research articles, a commentary, a teaching reflection, and multimedia conversations—reflect the plurality of Indigenous Knowledges and ways of knowing. 

Guest Editors: Robert L. A. Hancock, Ry Moran, Carey Newman, Shelagh Rogers, and Andrea Walsh

Collection launched: June 22, 2021


"Talking with My Daughter About Archives: Métis Researchers and Genealogy"

Authors: Jessie Loyer, Darrell Loyer 

"Evolving Knowledge: The Photography Practice of Contemporary Inuk Art Photographer of Barry Pottle"

Authors: Barry Pottle, Andrea N. Walsh


"An Arts Organization Policy Brief on Indigenous Knowledges"

Authors: waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy with Yuxwelupton Qwal’qaxala (Bradley Dick), France Trépanier, Eli Hirtle, Charles Campbell, Mark Loria, Rance Mok, Raj Sen 


"Grease Trail Storytelling Project: Creating Indigenous Digital Pathways"

Authors: Johanna Sam, Corly Schmeisser, Jan Hare 


"Cedar Project: Conducting Health Research with Indigenous Peoples in a Good Way"

Authors: For the Cedar Project Partnership, Richa Sharma, Violet Bozoki, Earl Henderson, Lou Demerais, Kukpi7 Wayne Christian, Sherri Pooyak, Vicky Thomas, Margo Pearce, Kate Jongbloed, April Mazzuca, Patricia Spittal 

"Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Environmental Governance in Canada"

Author: Deborah McGregor 

"Gramophone, Masinatahikan – Typewriter, Press, Our Mother(s) Tongue: Reflections on Indigenous (First Nations and Métis) Literacies and Media"

Author: Gloria Jane Bell

"Engaging Respectfully with Indigenous Knowledges: Copyright, Customary Law, and Cultural Memory Institutions in Canada"

Authors: Camille Callison, Ann Ludbrook, Victoria Owen, Kim Nayyer 


"Mobilizing and Activating Haíɫzaqvḷa (Heiltsuk Language) and Culture Through a Community-University Partnership"

Authors: Jennifer Carpenter , Bridget Chase, Benjamin Chung, Robyn Humchitt, Mark Turin 

"More Than Personal Communication: Templates for Citing Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers" 

Author: Lorisia MacLeod 

“'That’s my Auntie': Sharing the History of Residential Schools Community-Guided Residential School History"

Authors: Krista McCracken, Skylee-Storm Hogan 

"The Smoke Signals Radio Show Archive Project: An Introduction"

Authors: Paulette Rothbauer, Amy Hadley, Marni Harrington, Heather Hill, Serena Mendizabal, Danica Pawlick-Potts, Dan Smoke, Mary Lou Smoke

"Tribesourcing Southwest Films: Counter-Narrations and Reclamation"

Authors: Melissa Dollman, Rhiannon Sorrell, Jennifer L. Jenkins 

"The Miiyupimatisiiun Research Data Archives Project: Co-developing an Indigenous Data Repository"

Authors: Naomi Adelson, Samuel Mickelson, Joshua J. Kawapit 

"Dah Dẕāhge Nodes̱idē/We Are Speaking Our Language Again: The Implementation of a Community-based Tāłtān Language Reclamation Framework"

Author: Edōsdi/Judy Thompson 

"Rediscovering the Tradition of Painted Caribou Belongings in Eeyou Istchee: A Community-Based and Community-Led Research Project"

Authors: Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute, Margaret Orr, Natasia Mukash, Paula Menarick